Customer Services

  • Full Stock Management
An area which can be an issue is the problematic management of consumable and safety stock and the implications that derives from it.  An example may be without knowing low stock that will cause a loss of production and carrying too much stock which either run out of the use by date and has to be binned along with the overspending incurred.  In addition, the time it takes to place these orders eats into employees time. We have used an innovatitve management system for small to meduim orgainisations where a full electronic system is presently not viable, but having Central Fasteners taking care of this issue is very viable. With many years of experience in this field, we have uncovered a system where you have full information of stock levels, pricing and usage within short notice.  The hidden savings of having such a system is huge.  For further details and a no obligation free analysis get in touch with the team.  
  • Open Order 
Placing orders and raising purchase orders for small value items through-out a month is another cost of time.  Then there is handing all the invoices, checking through statements to raise payments.  The cost in time can range from £20.00 to £70.00 per invoice depending on how business processes work.   To save on this, it is perfectly viable to operate an open order systen that can be managed.  Central Fasteners have had a long standing proven method in this area and is saving organisations ££££ in lost time.  To see how we can arrange this for you, give us a call for a chat to explore this further.  
  • Sourcing
When a new project is started or something unusual needs replacing, the time it takes to source these items is massive to say the least.  It can take longer to find the necessary item or items than actually carrying out the work.  We see many trouling through the internet both in the day or during their personal evening time, making phone calls and asking around to locate what they need.  Central Fasteners are without doubt the number one place to go to for handling all of this for you.  We are experts in sourcing whatever is required and we aim to bring it to you at a realistic price which saves organisations litterally days of work in trying to locate items.  We have sourced the most unusual one off item and even have had products manufactured to suite an application depending on viability.  We have access to millions and millions of items in which you can easily tap into. We mainly offer this service to regular customers only.  To find out how we are able to assist your organisation, just let us know your requirements.  
  • Business Account
To open a business account to gain access to all these services and recieve special terms on volume items or regular use items, just drop us an email with yoiur company details and we will be in touch.  
  • Innovation & Ethics
We are a forward thinking organisation who is very concerned about health, well being and our planet.  We seek out products which not only is time and money saving, we also consider what is viable in all aspects of life and longevity.  Our team is like a family and our suppliers plus customer partners are considered the same.  We look at solutions within our business and customers busineses when requested to come up with a stratergy that will work effectively.  We are up front about any occurrences,  communicate in the most effective ways and we are flexible in how we operate to suite the needs of people.  The team here look forward to join with both yourself and your organisation to progress forward together.