Poddy Clean Ice Melt Granuals 12.5kg Bucket

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Poddy Clean Ice Melt Granuals 12.5kg Bucket

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  • An alternative to corrosive rock salt. 
  • Covers a much larger area than rock salt making it more cost effective.
Poddy Clean Ice Melt is a convenient way to melt ice on drives and pathways without the mess and corrosive impact of rock salt.  It covers a very large area and it’s white in colour. How to use: Using a small container scooup a small quantity from the Poddy Clean Ice Melt bucket and spread it over iced areas you want to dissolve.  After a short while it will disolve the ice so the surface is less dangerous to drive or walk on.  Re-apply in server conditions.
  • Always take precautions when driving or walking even when ice melting products have been used.