We can supply prices for regular orders, scheduled orders or for voluum/bulk orders which may be discounted from what is shown on this website. contact sales@centralfasteners.co.uk or call 01889 270163 during opening hours for more details or email items you are interested in.  This must include full product description (including specifications where necessary), any product code or manufacturers name, how often you will want to schedule future orders and what quantities.  We will also require the present prices you are either paying or expect to achieve. This way we can get back to you promotly.  We can not gurantee that we can beat or match every price, but what we can guarrantee is that the products we supply is at a high standard and the flexible service you will get is something we are proud off. So its the overall value which we work on with a very high customer retentoion rate of 94% For furher details, please get in touch.