Shipping can be made worldwide based on the following; You will need to contact us at to discuss shipping and payment transfer before you place your order.  The shipping price if ordered directly through this website will show a default value which may be incorrect.  Your shipping costs may be more or less than what is shown.
  1. A price for shipping will be sought and added to the total value.
  2. If you prefer to insure the items during shipping which is suggested, then let us know in advance of providing a shipping price.
  3. You can arrange your own shipping or collection from our premisses.  We will provide the size and weight of the parcel.
  4. No VAT is added on shipments outside of the UK with certain exceptions such as countries in the EU unless there is proof of a valid VAT number.
  5. All payments has to be cleared at our bank before items are dispatched.  Credit card payments are only acceptable up to a maximum of £2oo.00 including any taxes for countries outside of the EU.
  6. You will be responsible to pay any additional taxes your country may charge.
  7. Certain items may not be allowed to enter into your country or location and some may be restricted from being shipped to your destination.  Its your responsibility to carry out your research before placing any orders.  We will not be responsible for any withheld items.
  8. All of our delivery terms in the Delivery Option and Return & Refund pages on this website applies with the exception that you will be responsible for any extra shipping/delivery costs unless its an error that we have made.
  9. Warrantees of certain items may vary in different countries, so its a good idea to check before ordering
  10. It it is an item which requires external power such as electricity to power it, you will need to check whether the item is suitable for your countries infrastucture and regulations.
  11. All our products are UKCA or CE approved.